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Louisville's tree canopy is one of the most beautiful around, but can also cause problems for those homes on heavily wooded lots. Sometimes cleaning your gutters, even several times a year, isn't enough. If your downspouts are always clogged or if they are routed underground then you should consider a gutter guard. 

The Window Ninjas have been installing and servicing different types of guards for over 25 years and can come out for a free consultation and quote. Typically we can install gutter guards for a fraction of what our competitors charge and all work is done by us.

Installing and Servicing Gutter Guards

Every home is different which is why The Window Ninjas will start the gutter guard process by coming out to your home or office for a free consultation and estimate. If the property has an existing gutter guard system then sometimes we can just service it. This includes cleaning any debris off of the roof and guards. If the system is too old or damaged then we can remove it and clean the gutters and flush the downspouts. 


We can install several different types of gutter guards and if the homeowner has a specific brand they like then let us know. We may be able to install that as well. All work is done by The Window Ninjas and one of the owners is always on site to help with the installation. The metal gutter guard panels are screwed down to the gutters and each corner is hand cut for a perfect fit. There is no charge for the gutter cleaning before the gutter guard is installed and we will provide photos of our work to the customer. The gutter guards that we install cannot be seen from the ground, helping to maintain the home's image, and they do not disturb the shingles along the eaves. The gutter guards can be detached and reset without damage to them if ever the roof needs to be replaced or the gutter needs to be maintenanced.

Our Pricing and Warranty

We have spoken to many homeowners who said they needed gutter guards but couldn't afford them. The big companies can charge outrageous prices, leaving the homeowner overwhelmed with the estimate. Our customers find our quotes and approach to be much more reasonable. We are also willing to just do the problematic areas. We don't have to do the entire home if only a portion of the gutters need a guard. We give a lifetime "No Clog" warranty and will always stand behind our work.