Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Protect Your Home with our Professional Gutter Cleaning Services

The gutters on your home or office are a drainage system that requires maintenance. If they're not properly functioning water can leak into your basement or ceiling causing costly property damage. The Window Ninjas recommend having your gutters cleaned at least twice a year. Once in the spring and once in late fall. We have been servicing Louisville and surrounding areas for over 25 years using the safest methods and equipment to ensure we only leave behind a satisfied customer. 

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Gutter Cleaning

The Window Ninjas are the experts when it comes to cleaning gutters and maintaining the gutter system on your home or office. We clean all gutters by hand, bag the debris, and take it with us. We clean the debris out of the roof valleys and off the roof. Once the gutters have been cleaned we will then flush all of the downspouts with water to ensure there are no hidden clogs. During the gutter cleaning we make sure not to disturb or damage the landscaping and will clean the grounds, including decks and patios, with blowers to leave your property spotless.

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Clogged Gutters & Downspouts

Clogged gutters and downspouts are one of the main reasons for water damage on a home or office. The gutter system is designed to take water away from your home and when there is an obstruction, even one clogged downspout, it can no longer function properly. Once a gutter is clogged it will hold water and this extra weight can cause the gutter to sag, and eventually be pulled off of the fascia board. It doesn't take much debris to clog a downspout and the result can be very costly. Have your gutters checked regularly and when they do need to be cleaned go with The Window Ninjas. We know gutters and how to maintain them safely, properly, and professionally.

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Gutter Cleaning Service

The Window Ninjas have been cleaning and servicing the gutter systems in Louisville and surrounding areas since 1997. We take pride in our customer service and quick response time. Our customers can reach us easily through our website, text, or call and will always speak to one of the owners. We can typically quote the gutter cleaning over the phone and get to the work within two weeks. We always call before coming out and upon completion of the work can provide photos of the cleaned gutters. We can provide an easy to use pay link for those customers who couldn't be there to meet us and we are happy to discuss any of the details of the job afterwards. We believe great customer service is as important as keeping your gutters and downspouts working properly. 

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Gutter Guards

Louisville's tree canopy is one of the most beautiful around, but can also cause problems for those homes on heavily wooded lots. Sometimes cleaning your gutters, even several times a year, isn't enough. If your downspouts are always clogged or if they are routed underground then you should consider a gutter guard.

The Window Ninjas have been installing and servicing different types of guards for over 25 years and can come out for a free consultation and quote. Typically we can install gutter guards for a fraction of what our competitors charge and all work is done by us.

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